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How To Extend InDesign Text Styling Range To Include Punctuation

Recently, I received an interesting question: would it be possible to use our StylePainter freebie to exert some GREP magic and judiciously extend the style range of a particular style? This was to clean up some text, were some styling … Continue reading

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Improvements to FrameReporter and APID ToolAssistant

We’ve just released a new version of APID ToolAssistant – 1.0.48; click here for more info and the download links. By itself, APID ToolAssistant does not ‘do’ anything apparent. Instead it assists other plug-ins to do their job. You have … Continue reading

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TextExporter, StylePainter updated

This week, we’ve updated TextExporter once more – the new frame-by-frame export feature in the previous versions was not as intelligent as it should be and we think we’ve now found a better approach to export the frames in a … Continue reading

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