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Tweaker and tables (Read 7685 times)
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Tweaker and tables
04/13/10 at 22:42:08
Hi guys,

I work in translation/localization industry in the DTP end of the scale as a process developer, and finding something like StoryTweaker is always a rare and joyous moment.

I just downloaded the demo with full intent to buy it, if it promises to add to our paraphernalia of various tools and processes we use at the moment. Right now, I'm testing it with a simplish file before I assign it to a couple of translators who have promised to test the process with me.

One big disappointment, though. The Tweaker does not handle text in table form at all but simply ignores it altogether (text in tables is not visible in the Tweaker, not even in the original text window).

Since a lot of the material that goes through my hands includes tables (some of them pages and pages of them), I find this a big shortcoming.

Is the table editing feature something that might be available in future versions, or is it a "no can do" situation? For me, this is pretty much crucial, since without this feature, implementing ST would mean adding extra steps to our process (table translations with separate tools/files) rather than speedying it up.

Please, please tell me that you're working on it Cheesy

Keep up the great work,

yours truly,

Tiina R

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