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API Developer Toolkit and CS5 (Read 10575 times)
Kris Coppieters
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API Developer Toolkit and CS5
07/31/10 at 08:04:39
Hi all,

Just a quick note: the API Dev Toolkit is compatible with CS5 if you separately download APID ToolAssistant 1.0.49. However, there is a 'gotcha' you need to be aware of.

There is an annoying bug in InDesign CS5: it often loses script labels attached to page items in a pre-CS5 InDesign file.

That's what is happening here. If you still have CS4 installed here's how to make the template work in CS5:

a) Open APIDTemplate.indd in CS4. Cancel out of the dialog box
b) Save as a copy somewhere else - so you get a CS4-saved APIDTemplate.indd
c) Use this APIDTemplate.indd with CS5 + APIDToolAssistant 1.0.49 - it will work.


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