Beta release 0.0.9 - 6-September-2013

  • Fixed issue with relative path name/URLs

Beta release 0.0.8 - 12-September-2011

  • Fixed issue where 'nested' <a> tags caused a problem.

Beta release 0.0.7 - 5-September-2011

  • Improved naming of InDesign styles from mapped CSS styles
  • Faster image downloads
  • Fixed issue where some images were not downloaded
  • Various bug fixes

Beta release 0.0.6 - 29-August-2011

  • Much improved mapping of CSS styles to InDesign styles
  • Better handling of images. Now honors width= and height= attributes
  • Various bug fixes

Initial public beta release 0.0.5 - 13-August-2011

  • Initial public beta release