Changes in 1.1.0: - 11-Mar-2019

  • Fixed 'Paste Into' menu item

Changes in 1.0.9: - 4-Mar-2019

  • CC compatibility (up to CC 2019)

Changes in 1.0.8: - 14-Aug-2010

  • CS5 compatibility
  • APID 1.0.49 compatibility

Changes in 1.0.7: - 4-Nov-2009

  • Due to a bug in InDesign, the 'Paste Into' did not work in InDesign CS3 (InDesign CS4 was not affected). This version implements a workaround to make it work for InDesign CS3 too.

Changes in 1.0.6: - 30-Oct-2009

  • Fixed problem when pasting into the same frame a second time

Changes in 1.0.5: - 19-Sep-2009

  • Fixed problem when pasting into an existing frame that contains text
  • Enable/disable menus as needed

Changes in 1.0.4: - 17-Sep-2009

  • Added 'Paste Into' function for users of CS3/CS4  who have a licensed copy of APID ToolAssistant

Changes in 1.0.3: - 18-Dec-2008

  • Improved support for InDesign CS4: fixed issue where all assets were named 'Untitled'.
  • Resolve potential conflict if multiple CSx versions are installed - each InDesign CSx version now has its own library file

Changes in 1.0.2: - 24-Jul-2007

  • Support for InDesign CS3
  • Added support for Illustrator files.

Changes in 1.0.1: - 25-Jun-2006

  • Initial public release
  • Collapsed the menu items into a submenu of the API menu.

Changes in 1.0.0b: - 7-Jun-2006

  • Initial beta release.