Changes in 2.0.0 - 21-July-2010

  • CS5 support
  • StoryParker is not a freebie any more

Changes in 1.0.7 - 30-June-2007

  • Speed improvements based on 1.0.42 runtime improvements - resolves issues with long delays when selecting items.

Changes in 1.0.6 - 21-May-2007

  • Bug fix. Fixed conflict with CS/CS2 that was introduced in version 1.0.5

Changes in 1.0.5 - 9-May-2007

  • CS3 Support
  • Improved menu handling speed

Changes in 1.0.4 - 18-Jul-2006

  • Parking operations can now also be accessed via menu bar
  • Shortcuts can be assigned to parking operations via InDesign's Keyboard Shortcuts editor

Changes in 1.0.3 - 7-Jun-2006

  • Fixed possible cause for 'wild menus', where the menu labels in the context menu are displaying the wrong menu texts.
  • Fixed issue with 'Unpark All' operation.

Changes in 1.0.2 - 26-May-2006

  • Fixed timing issue that caused context menu content to 'lag' behind
  • Fixed conflict with AppleScript
  • This version does not affect the script labels of page items any more - unlike the previous versions.

Changes in 1.0.1 - 20-May-2006

  • Initial public release
  • Added 'Repark' option to context menu of previously parked items

Changes in 1.0.0b - 16-May-2006

  • Beta Release