A ‘Select All…’ page items in InDesign, of sorts.

Recently, Thomas Lambrecht ([email protected]) joined us here at Rorohiko as a junior software developer. His first project is now at a stage where we would like to allow anyone interested to have a play with it – so we’ve released an alpha version to the general public. Please let us know if this tool is useful, or if it is nearly useful (and then also tell us what is missing).

What is it about?

Well – who would like to do ‘Select All…’ and select all page items in an InDesign document?

Right now, you cannot do that. All you can do is ‘Select All…’ page items on a single spread, but you cannot select all page items in the document.

Hence, the Spreadulator – which offers a roundabout way to do that, and more. Click here for the download page.

Here’s how it works: you open a multi-spread document and then ‘spreadulate’ it. You’ll end up with a copy of the original document which contains a single, massive spread that contains all your content.

Because everything is on a single spread, you can now do ‘Select All…’.

Work on the content to your heart’s desire, and when you’re done, reverse the operation (we call it ‘despreadulate) – and your document is ‘chopped’ into pieces, from a massive single spread, back to individual spreads.

Keep in mind that it is an alpha version – there are some situations the code cannot handle. We’d also love to receive any documents that don’t ‘spreadulate’ correctly – preferrably we want documents that are not too massive. Please, send them to [email protected] for us to try them out.

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