FrameReporter 1.0.4 Released

Do you need to work on a large, complex document, with many large chunks of text?

FrameReporter helps you navigate around – attach a name to various text stories or text frames, and use a simple popup menu to ‘jump to’ any named story or text frame – jump from the story on ‘Global Warming’ around page 56 to the story on ‘Organic Pet Food’ around page 70 and back.

Also, InDesign shows a lot of information on its many floating palettes and ribbons – but have you noticed you always need to take your eyes off the current selection to consult a palette?

FrameReporter puts the info where you need it – I’d say ‘right at your fingertips eyeballs’ 😉

Imagine a multi-text frame story – how can you know whether the text overruns or not without having to scroll way to the last frame, while you’re removing some superfluous words to clear the text overrun? FrameReporter shows you where you need it – it puts a special ‘overrun marker’ on any selected frame that is part of an overrunning story.

Download a fully functional, time limited demo today – click here for a web page with download links and a cookbook description of the FrameReporter features.

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