No ads, no spam – use RSS!

I wanted to highlight one of the company policies we have here at Rorohiko – it’s our ‘no ads, no spam’ internet policy.

No ads means: you won’t see any Google (or similar) ads on our site. That is a conscious decision on our part.

Our web site is pretty well ranked and could potentially generate a fair bit of advertising income, but we decided against that. We think that when you come to visit our web site, you don’t want to be dazzled by all kinds of ads. On our web site, all you find is information by us, from us, for you. Concentrated info, so to speak, not watered down with irrelevant advertising.

No spam means: we don’t send out any bulk e-mails. We actually do have a fairly large list of e-mail addresses of people who registered on our message board or our e-commerce server. We don’t intend to mis-use these e-mails. The idea is that when you want information about us, you can decide that for yourself, and visit our web site.

So, how can you stay informed about what we do, without having to check our web page all the time?

RSS to the rescue! Most modern browsers allow you to subscribe to an RSS feed. Often, an RSS icon is shown somewhere in the URL area of your browser for any ‘subscribable’ URL.

An RSS feed is kind of a special URL that will auto-update in your browser as new material becomes available on our web site. Simply subscribe your favorite RSS reader to and that should do the trick.

Some mail programs also have RSS subscription features. You simply add the RSS feed to your browser or your mail program – and you will instantly be notified when we have something new on our web site.

That way, we give you the control over how much or how little you want to hear from us – you decide whether or not to add the RSS feed.

I dug up some interesting URLs with more info about how to use RSS below:

Apple Mail:


Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Thunderbird:

Microsoft Internet Explorer:

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