Generate brand new 6×6 Sudoku puzzles straight into an InDesign page

The SudokuGenerator has been updated to version 1.1.0 – this latest version adds support for 6×6 sudoku, with 3×2 (HxV) subcells. 6×6 sudoku puzzles are smaller, and less intensive to solve than their 9×9 brethern – I estimate they would take the average puzzler about a minute or less to solve. Good fun when you only have a minute to spare! Click here for more info.

Here’s one to try – the clues in this puzzle are arranged in a visually symmetrical pattern: more pleasing to the eye, but that makes the puzzle also a bit easier to solve. If you want slightly more difficult 6×6 puzzles, you should not use the visual symmetry-options that our generator offers.

Picture 1

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