ImageHorn and ImageLibraryLoader Updated

ImageHorn is a free plug-in for Adobe InDesign to automatically resize or re-fit an image frame’s contents when the image frame is resized.

ImageHorn has a new feature – it is now possible to ‘pre-assign’ a fitting option to an empty frame (without any image). Later on, when an image is placed or pasted into the frame, the pre-assigned fitting option kicks in and will be applied to the image.

ImageLibraryLoader is another free plug-in. This one allows you to quickly set up a floating palette filled with images from one or more designated folders. In many cases, it is much faster than Adobe Bridge, as it uses standard InDesign library palette – so there is no external app to launch.

ImageLibraryLoader has been enhanced with a menu item that allows the user to directly paste a library item into an existing frame – which saves quite a few clicks.

There are a few limitations though – this new ImageLibraryLoader feature only works in Adobe InDesign CS3 or higher, and it only works for users that have a licensed version of APID ToolAssistant installed. Users of the free, unlicensed version of APID ToolAssistant miss out.

These two new features work great together – read all about it in this post:

How to Populate a Template With Images in No Time At All

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