Avoid Costly Mistakes With An Enhanced InDesign Live Preflight – YeShore 0.0.5 Public Beta

Our new YeShore plug-in has been made available as a public beta. YeShore supports Adobe InDesign CS4 (Mac/Windows) and enhances the built-in Live Preflight function.

With Live Preflight, you can easily avoid numerous expensive mistakes and ruined print runs.

You can draw ‘lines in the sand’ – tell InDesign what the limitations of your project are. For example, you might know ahead of time that the number of pages needs to stay below a certain limit, or that it needs to be a multiple of the imposition signature page count.

Live Preflight will gently alert you in the heat of the moment, when you inadvertently make a mistake against the guidelines you’ve set. Live Preflight allows InDesign to become your guardian angle, and ‘watch over your shoulder’ while you work.

Our YeShore plug-in enhances Live Preflight a great deal. It adds a set of additional powerful design rules to the available rule set, because the built-in rule set of Live Preflight is good, but there is a lot of room for improvement.

For a limited time, during the beta-testing period you can purchase licenses to YeShore at a reduced rate of US$49 (instead of US$69).

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