StoryTweaker 1.2.7b Released!

Download it from here

StoryTweaker is a tool that allows for text edits of a master Adobe® InDesign® file by multiple users, without needing a copy of InDesign for the text edits.

StoryTweaker’s users include
• editors who want a document translated to another language, ie, English to Spanish
• designers who hand off a finished layout to writers that will provide the content
• writers/editors collaborating on a project

StoryTweaker is not meant as a replacement Adobe InCopy®. Even though there is some functional overlap between StoryTweaker and InCopy, StoryTweaker has a markedly different approach.

Changes since 1.2.7b include:

  • Added support for StoryTweaker menus in InDesign.
    • Added support for Saving a StoryTweaker Assignment from an InDesign document.
    • Added support for Loading a StoryTweaker Assignment as an InDesign document.
  • Bug fixes.

Known issues in 1.2.7b:

  • Sometimes the application dialogs don’t jump to the foreground and you need to click on the application to see them.
  • Some overridden style changes are not re-applied to the text when creating a document from an Assignment or Tweak Set.

Visit the StoryTweaker page to download the latest Release.

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