Easily decompress EPUB, edit it, and recompress.

eCanCrusher is a simple drag/drop utility to recompress and decompress EPUB folders/directory structures. It converts folder into an .epub file and vice versa. We have both Mac and Windows versions available.

Download links on this page:


Look under the heading ‘eCanCrusher’.

Drag an EPUB folder onto the eCanCrusher icon to recompress a folder. It will convert it into an .epub file.

To decompress EPUB, drag an .epub file onto the eCanCrusher icon. It will create a decompressed folder.

Previous versions of eCanCrusher only offered folder-to-.epub file conversions. Our latest version can convert both ways.

We’ve also made the tool more configurable. Double-click the application icon to configure  the tool. In the dialog you can determine what happens when there are existing files or folders in the way.

Decompress EPUB/Recompress EPUB: Preferences Dialog

Decompress EPUB/Recompress EPUB: Preferences Dialog

Previous versions of eCanCrusher were only available as part of the ePubCrawler product.

We’ve now unbundled eCanCrusher from ePubCrawler. We’ve also made it a freebie. It is now available separately from ePubCrawler.

Unlike ePubCrawler, which is donationware, eCanCrusher is free (but donations are accepted).

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