InDesign to Markdown Exporter

The first Crawler personalities are starting to take shape; we now have a functional InDesign to Markdown exporter available.

More info about the Markdown personality code-named Crawler.ID2MD can be found here:

Inquiries and expressions of interest: please e-mail [email protected].

For technical questions, please contact [email protected].

The Crawler platform is designed as a generic document processor engine. It is used for automated document conversion, as well as for reporting or workflow statistics.

Unlike what is generated by other solutions, the output from a Crawler-based setup is based on user-editable templates, and the look-and-feel of the converted output is easily adjustable.

With Crawler we aim to make it easy to produce output files that don’t need further post-processing or tweaking.

At present, all available Crawler-based solutions are meant for use with InDesign Server, but we can also provide ‘desktop versions’ if needed.

Future versions will also add support for additional Creative Cloud applications.

Crawler works with plug-in ‘personalities’. Each ‘personality’ supports an export format. The Crawler.ID2MD (InDesign to Markdown) personality is the first in a series – there’s more to come!

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