InDesign CC 2014 And Rorohiko’s Plug-Ins

With regards to InDesign CC 2014: our plug-ins are currently not yet officially available for the new version; we only have beta-versions at present.

We were kept waiting for Adobe to provide us the final release version of the developer information we needed to finalize our update to CC 2014.

We now have the necessary tools available now, but we need to rebuild and test our software against the officially released InDesign, and that will take a little longer.

We have beta versions for APID ToolAssistant, and as far as we know they work fine. If you want to try them out, they are available at

If you have mission-critical tasks that are dependent on our plug-ins, we suggest you postpone the upgrade to InDesign CC 2014 until we finalize the official release.

If you’ve already upgraded, you might need to downgrade back to CC 2013 for the time being.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


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