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Swimmer. Replace words with images.



One of the sessions at PePcon 2014 was called CreativeWow! Sneak Peeks by Creative Developers.

The aim: a meeting of minds between graphic designers and creative software developers.

Script Challenge!

Attendees to PePcon were invited beforehand to share ideas for useful scripts. You can find the various ‘PePcon People’s Choice script ideas’ here:

Later on, a vote was held to pick the most interesting scripts from the proposal. Three scripts were picked.

The challenge to the creative developers at PePcon 2014 was to build these scripts in just a few hours. The vote was held around 5:00PM, the presentation was at 8:00PM. All three scripts were built in that limited amount of time.

As it so happens, the scripts are all meant for use with Adobe InDesign.

One of the scripts that was voted in was Remove Empty XML Tags (which rids a document of any empty XML tags). This challenge was picked up by Jim Birkenseer from Premedia Systems.

The second script was Style Name Scrubber. It cleans up a document’s style names. Peter Kahrel from Typefi rose to the occasion and built it in time for the CreativeWOW! session.

More info about these two scripts can be found on the InDesignSecrets web site:

Swimmer, a.k.a Switch-Image-r

Kris Coppieters from Rorohiko agreed to build the third InDesign script. The download link for this free script is further below.

The script can swap words with images and back. The poor thing ended up with the name Swimmer, a concatpression of the words Switch and Image and the suffix -er.

The idea behind Swimmer is that a document might contain keywords that sometimes need to be replaced by graphic icons, and sometimes need to be reverted back to plain words.

E.g. a brochure about crockery might contain terms like dishwasher safe, hand wash, …

The script can search the document for any occurrences of some designated keywords and can replace them with corresponding icon-size graphic images.

Afterwards, it can also perform the reverse operation: find all such images and replace them back with the original keywords.

The Swimmer script can be downloaded here:

Version 1.0.5 was released on 12-March-2019 and adds support for object styles (e.g. useful to apply a baseline shift to the images).

The .zip file contains documentation and sample files.

Feedback and questions: [email protected]

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