Update: CC 2017 Support Available

We’re gradually upgrading our software to support CC 2017. The APID Plug-In has been updated, and can now be downloaded. Because a lot of our plug-ins are using the APID Plug-In as their core engine, they have become compatible with CC 2017.

Please visit the plug-in page (use the ‘Product List’) menu. Make sure to download the correct APID ToolAssistant for your system as well as the plug-in you want to install; you need to do two downloads.

TextExporter is an exception in that we provide two installation methods: manual and using an installer. However, this installer has not been converted to support CC 2017 yet. If you need TextExporter for CC 2017 you MUST use the ‘Manual Install’ option provided.

We’ve also noticed that there are issues with FrameReporter on CC 2017 on Windows; these will be resolved ASAP, but it will take a while as there is still a lot of stuff to be done before we have a full range of support for CC 2017.

Color2Gray and the Sudoku generator are not ready yet, but will become available soon.

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