Soxy 1.9 Beta Versions

We’re currently hard at work on Soxy 1.9.

Download links for beta versions will be at the bottom of the page as they’re becoming available.

The 1.9 version will include:

  • Support for CC 2018
  • Support for QuarkXPress 2017
  • Long overdue maintenance to work well with Mac OS  X Sierra, High Sierra and Windows 10

At present, we have a first beta available for the Macintosh version of Soxy.

We’re now working on the Windows version.

The first betas won’t have any installers – you’ll have to install them manually.

Once we have Soxy working, we’ll start work on updating the installers.

After we have the installers working, we’ll turn our attention to the automatic updates.

If you try out a beta, please let us know about any issues you encounter via email: [email protected]


Soxy 1.9b2 for Macintosh (Nov 11, 2017 – ZIP file with just the Soxy application)

Known issues:

  • Many cosmetic issues (text cut off on HiDPI displays)

Older Downloads:

Soxy 1.9b1 for Macintosh (Nov 5, 2017 – ZIP file with just the Soxy application)

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