Replacing or enhancing ExtendScript in Adobe Illustrator: AIntrospector

No more PARM/MRAP errors!

We’ve been working on a new Adobe Illustrator plugin called AIntrospector.

It can be used to either enhance or completely replace ExtendScript for Illustrator.

The plug-in can work natively with JavaScript/CEP: no ExtendScript-based ‘glue’ in-between.

No pricing or licensing has been announced yet; this product is currently still under development and not yet ready for release.

It is actively being used in some projects of some of our clients.

Currently, the focus of the development is driven mostly by the direct needs of these early adopters.

It provides an alternate DOM (Document Object Model) and a powerful query language.

Expressions of interest: email [email protected]

The documentation-in-progress is available here:

AIntrospector Documentation

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