Revamping our activation system: PluginInstaller

We’re Revamping Our Software Activation System

Over the years, we’ve been dedicated to providing high-quality scripts, plugins, and extensions to enhance your Adobe Creative Cloud experience. We appreciate the support and loyalty you’ve shown us, especially those who have been with us from the beginning.

However, maintaining and updating our software has become increasingly challenging.

As a small operation, the cost of upkeep is now more than twice the revenue we make from selling our tools. This situation is unsustainable, and we need to make changes to continue providing valuable tools.

Introducing PluginInstaller

We’ve started transitioning our range of scripts, plugins, and extensions to PluginInstaller, a new platform designed to streamline your experience.

PluginInstaller allows you to browse, download, install, and uninstall tools with ease.

Payments for our premium tools are also handled through PluginInstaller.

So far, we’ve converted:

As we move forward, more of our tools will be available through PluginInstaller. You can download PluginInstaller here:

New Activation System

PluginInstaller replaces our old licensing and activation system, APID ToolAssistant, with a new pay-as-you-go based model.

This change is necessary to ensure we can continue maintaining and improving our software.

Why the Change?

The ‘forever’ activation codes we previously offered were built for a different time, nearly 20 years ago.

Today, the cost of maintaining these activations far exceeds the revenue they generate.

We faced a difficult choice: shut down our services or transition to a model that supports ongoing development and upkeep.

Pay-as-you-go based Model

To rebalance, our new activation system is pay-as-you-go based, with activations now available ‘per seat’. An activation lasts for a year.

Your old Personal Activation Codes will still work, but only up to and including Creative Cloud 2024.

Using our premium tools with future versions of Creative Cloud will require an activation via PluginInstaller.

How Does It Work?

The new activation system is designed to be more user-friendly and flexible:

  • Per-Seat Activation: Similar to Adobe Creative Cloud, each person needs an activation for their usage. Transferring an activation between computers is straightforward and can be done with a few clicks in PluginInstaller.
  • Multiple Seats: Unlike the old system, you can now purchase the exact number of activations needed in a single transaction.
  • Floating Licenses: For workgroups, we support floating licenses. Sysadmins can buy activations and distribute them internally via an activation file, eliminating the need for each end-user to use PluginInstaller.

We understand that this transition may be inconvenient, and we appreciate your understanding and support.

Our goal is to continue providing you with high-quality tools and excellent service. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for being a valued user!

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