Custom Development

Here at Rorohiko we specialize in custom development of software for the pre-press and publishing industry.

We build solutions large and small, provide integration, and automate manual tasks around Adobe’s Creative Suite, InDesign, XML, web services, DAM systems, databases, Python, PHP, Java, JavaScript, ExtendScript, QuarkXPress… You name it, we build it.

It’s quite common for our software solutions to reduce the need for human interaction by a factor of 10 to 100, and generate enough savings to pay the investment back within a few months.

We are experts in print and web workflows and rely on a wide range of technologies to suit the specific needs of your project: from simple scripts and plug-ins all the way down to complete complex workflow systems.

We take great pride in being able to transform complex and menial workflows into efficient automated tasks.

Contact us to discuss the scope and objective of your project and we will help you outline the project goals and the work required to achieve them.

We can then work with you to agree on a development plan that bests suits you.

Contact Us

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