InDesign Developer Training

Getting Started As An InDesign Developer Is Tough

Getting started as an InDesign developer is a tough call. The non-productive cost of learning a extensive SDKs and new development environments is seldom quantified. Yet the effort will always result in downtime and lost revenue.

Rorohiko Can Help

Rorohiko’s training services enable software developers to hit the ground running by reducing the learning period.

For many years, Rorohiko Workflow Resources has been providing customized InDesign SDK and ExtendScript training.

Our training will shave months off the inevitable lead time. Developers get up to speed with the complex InDesign SDK much faster.

In addition to that, we also provide Flex/ActionScript training.

We’ve been involved in workshops organized by Adobe France, Adobe Italy, Adobe Singapore. For a number of years, we’ve also run InDesign developer workshops at the Adobe CSBU Developer Summit in Seattle.

Contact us to organize a training session on your premises

We can provide training sessions on your premises, tailored to your needs. The optimal class size is 10 people or less. But we can accommodate anything from individuals to large groups.

E-mail us at [email protected].