SudokuGeneratorLite (deprecated)

This product is not supported any more, and won’t be updated or bug-fixed. It is still available for download on an ‘as-is’ basis.

This is a free download; it supports Mac & Windows versions of InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 or CS4.


In addition to this free ‘lite’ version we also sell a more powerful version which offers features like the generation of 6×6 and 16×16 puzzles, multiple puzzles, more layout options, and puzzles with various forms of visual symmetry. Check it our here…

So, you’re publishing a newspaper, magazine, newsletter… Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to generate Sudoku puzzles directly in InDesign for your ‘Puzzle Page’? You’re in control of the look and feel of the generated Sudoku – and our generator takes care of actually building the puzzles for you.

The generated Sudoku are stored in two InDesign tables – one with the pattern of digits, and another one ‘in front’ which obscures some of the numbers. You can easily expose the solution by removing the frontmost ‘obscuring’ table.

The example above is a Sudoku generated using the default style of the provided template.

It consists of two tables piled on top of each other and grouped together. Ungrouping allows you to move the top table away:

Underneath is the complete solution:


This is a free download. Before you can use the SudokuGeneratorLite plug-in you also have to install our free APID ToolAssistant plug-in, which is available as a second, separate download.

Download the SudokuGeneratorLite plugin (version 1.0.7 – Free download. For InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4 on Mac or Windows; does not include the APID ToolAssistant. Don’t worry about the icon of the .spln file: it might not be a ‘regular’ icon, and that’s OK)

You don’t need to purchase a license for APID ToolAssistant (but we’re always grateful if you do – it helps us fund further development). The SudokuGeneratorLite plug-in will work fine with an unlicensed APID ToolAssistant.

To encourage us by purchasing the US$25 optional license, select the API – APID ToolAssistant… menu item, select the ‘APID ToolAssistant’ entry in the list, and click the Get License… button. Purchasing a license helps us fund further development of cool stuff!

If you don’t purchase a license, APID ToolAssistant will show itself as ‘Demo’ for the first 20 days after it was first installed, and after the 20 days are up, it will change to ‘Unlicensed’. Don’t be alarmed by this. It will not stop working. SudokuGeneratorLite works with an unlicensed version of APID ToolAssistant, and purchasing a license is optional.

Let us know if this tool is useful to you, at [email protected] Thanks!


Please make sure you have a copy of the APID ToolAssistant plug-in installed.

Make sure you install the proper plug-in for your version of InDesign. InDesign CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4 plug-ins are mutually incompatible.

If you already have an APID ToolAssistant plug-in installed (e.g. because you use one of our other plug-ins), make sure it is up-to-date.

APID ToolAssistant used to be called ‘Active Page Item Runtime‘ – if you have any copies of Active Page Item Runtime or Active Page Item Developer installed, please remove them, and replace them with APID ToolAssistant.

When installing plug-ins make sure you copy plug-in files, not the folders they are contained in.

Copy the Sudoku.spln into the same folder as the APID ToolAssistant plug-in you installed (typically that will be the InDesign Plug-Ins folder). Don’t worry about the icon of the .spln file: it might not be a ‘regular’ icon, and that’s OK.


To use: First, make sure you have the APID ToolAssistant plug-in installed (quit and restart InDesign if necessary).

Then simply open the template file ‘sudoku.indt’. You’ll be presented with a dialog:

Set the desired difficulty level for the puzzle – the lower this number, the easier it is to solve the puzzle.

Higher numbers cause the generator to take longer to generate the puzzle – please be patient; puzzles with values around 20 or higher can take multiple minutes to generate.

If you want to create a separate solution box at the same time, select the ‘Show Separate Solution Box’ before clicking OK.

Once the Sudoku is generated, you can copy and paste it anwywhere you like (e.g. on your puzzle page).

If you want to adjust the look and feel of the generated Sudoku: simply open the template and immediately click ‘Cancel’ in the Sudoku dialog so it does not generate a Sudoku.

Then adjust the look and feel of the puzzle template (make it smaller, change font, colors,…) – it’s a simple InDesign table, and you can do whatever you like with it.

After changing, re-save as a new template, and you’re done.

The ‘cover box’ at the bottom of the page is a table with empty cells – by default I have filled them with a color of ‘Paper’ so the ‘covered’ cells will be white. If you prefer another color or so, simply adjust the fill color of these empty cells.

Let us know if this plug-in is useful to you, at [email protected] Thanks!

Version history

11-Apr-2009 – Version 1.0.7:

  • Resolved issue with showing solution box in newer versions of InDesign

14-Aug-2006 – Version 1.0.6:

  • Resolved incompatibility with Active Page Item Runtime 1.0.29
  • Separated generator from template into a stand-alone .spln file
  • Users upgrading from an older version must adjust their custom template files by removing the Sudoku-generator page item from the pasteboard.

26-May-2006- Version 1.0.5:

  • Added progress bar
  • Updated enclosed runtime to version 1.0.21.

23-Dec-2005- Version 1.0.3:

  • Updated enclosed runtime to version 1.0.15a.
  • The SudokuGeneratorLite template itself had a slight cosmetic modification.
  • Adjusted the ReadMe document for the new runtime

14-Nov-2005- Version 1.0.2:

  • Now really updated enclosed runtime to version 1.0.12a. The SudokuGeneratorLite template itself was not modified

13-Nov-2005- Version 1.0.1:

  • Updated enclosed runtime to version 1.0.12a. The SudokuGeneratorLite template itself was not modified. Due to a manipulation mistake, the 1.0.1 disk image ended up with the old 1.0.11a runtime – this was corrected in Sudoku 1.0.2

5-Nov-2005 – Version 1.0:

  • Initial release

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