TextExporter 5

What is TextExporter?

TextExporter 5 for InDesign 2023 and higher exports all the stories from an InDesign document into a single file. Supported output file formats include:

  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • InDesign Tagged Text
  • Plain Text

TextExporter helps streamline the process of gathering and exporting text, making it easier for designers and editors to manage their content.

Installing TextExporter

  1. For Older Versions of InDesign:
    If you are using InDesign 2024 or earlier, you can still use TextExporter 4.
  2. For InDesign 2023 and Higher:
    To install TextExporter 5, you need to use PluginInstaller.
    If you’ve not done this before, download and install the free PluginInstaller from PluginInstaller.com. Make sure you have build #558 or higher installed (the build number is shown in the lower right-hand corner of the PluginInstaller windows).
  3. Create an Account:
    If this is your first time using PluginInstaller, you’ll need to create a new account and register it within PluginInstaller.
  4. Add a TextExporter Bookmark:
    Add a bookmark for TextExporter into PluginInstaller by clicking the following link:
    Add TextExporter Bookmark into PluginInstaller
    Alternatively, you can use the Browse the Store for Software window in PluginInstaller and find the TextExporter bookmark in the Rorohiko Catalog.
  5. Download and Install:
    Once the bookmark is listed in the Installing and Ordering window, select it and click the Download button.
    After the download, click the Install button.
    Launch or re-launch InDesign.
    TextExporter will appear under the InDesign Window > Extensions menu.

How to Use TextExporter

  1. Open your InDesign document:
    Open the document from which you wish to export text.
  2. Access TextExporter:
    Select the Window > Extensions > TextExporter menu.
  3. Configure Export Options:
    The Text Export Options dialog will appear. Select your preferred text gathering method and specify the page range you want to export.
  4. Export Text:
    – Click the Export button to save the exported text next to the InDesign document being exported.
    This only works if the InDesign document has been saved at least once. If the button is not enabled, click Cancel and first us the File > Save menu item to save the InDesign document in the correct location.
    – Click the Export As… button to choose a different destination folder and filename for the exported text.

Purchasing TextExporter

TextExporter is free to try for 30 days. After the trial period, you need to purchase an activation code for US$29.00 per seat, per year (excluding tax) via PluginInstaller.

Go to the Installing and Ordering window, select the TextExporter bookmark, adjust the seat count and reference as desired, and click Purchase.

Activation may take some time to process; keep an eye on the Licenses, Activations, and Pending Orders window for updates.