Installing Jabberwocky files for ChatterGoofy

After you have installed the ChatterGoofy plugin you will need to install a Jabberwocky set.

Inside the downloaded stuff is a folder called ChatterGoofy. It contains a Jabberwocky set called NZEnglish.JAB.

Unless you already have installed a ChatterGoofy data folder on a previous occasion, you should navigate to your Documents (Mac) or My Documents (Win) folder.

In the downloaded material you should find a folder called ‘ChatterGoofy’.  Move that folder into your Documents or My Documents folder. Copy the whole ‘ChatterGoofy’ folder, not its contents.

Put any exported Jabberwocky sets you have in this ChatterGoofy folder (these files will typically be called ‘English Jabbering’, ‘Esperanto Jabbering’, etc… on Mac or ‘English.JAB’, ‘Esperanto.JAB’,… on Windows)

To export a Jabberwocky Set from QuarkXPress you need to select Edit – Jabberwocky Sets…from the menu bar, select the proper set, and click Export….