Using StoryTweaker for Text Edits

As StoryTweaker is installed, it will add a new menu item to InDesign’s File menu: Save as StoryTweaker Assignment…

A user can open an InDesign document, and select this menu item. They’ll be asked to pick a location to save an assignment folder.

StoryTweaker assignments are folders whose name ends in .assignment. StoryTweaker will fill the assignment folder with various bits and pieces, including:

  • a copy of the original InDesign document
  • a structured file with all the editable text, extracted from the InDesign document
  • a PDF export of the original InDesign document
  • .zip-compressed copies of the Mac and Windows versions of the AssignmentTweaker software

Each assignment folder is a self-sufficient entity – once it has been created, it can be compressed and sent to a user.

When a user receives such assignment folder, the first thing they do is open the assignment folder, and decompress either the Mac or the Windows version of the AssigmentTweaker software.

They then launch AssignmentTweaker, and can then edit or add to the text as needed.

Once the text editing is complete, they exit AssignmentTweaker, re-compress the .assignment folder, and send it back to its originator.

The StoryTweaker user can then import the assignment back into InDesign, and will end up with an InDesign document that incorporates all text edits from the user.