Using StoryTweaker for Translations

This is supported in all versions of StoryTweaker: the ‘enhanced mode’ StoryTweaker workflow starts from an InDesign Document, and ends with one or more modified copies of the document.

First, the original InDesign document is ‘frozen’ inside a Tweak Set to protect it against inadvertent modification.

The Tweak Set then becomes the control center – from the Tweak Set, one or more Assignments are created and sent out to anyone who needs to tweak the text of the document.

Each assignment comes complete with a copy of the free AssignmentTweaker application.

Multiple assignments can be created and worked on concurrently (e.g. the translations to Spanish and to German could be assigned to different people, and they could work on them concurrently).

StoryTweaker Workflow

Once an assignment is finished and returns to its originator (e.g. text translated or corrections made), it is imported back into the Tweak Set.

Finally, tweaked versions of the original document can be extracted from the Tweak Set – e.g. in case of the translations, a Spanish and a German version of the original document could be extracted from the Tweak Set.