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Beta testing :) (Read 30216 times)
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Beta testing :)
03/05/13 at 08:56:31

I've been testing the ePC script for the past couple of days and have found a few problems.

Testing conditions: MAC and PC Adobe CS6 without scripts, except for the latest ePC 0.2.5. Exports mainly with ePubStyle "pagebackground" (with some modifications, see below).

1. Text boxes that are lodged within other text boxes are included, but the "flow-around" properties aren't respected. This causes text from multiple boxes to overlap in ePC output, causing much hand-coding.

2. Some text boxes are not included at all. This might be because they are not in the text flow, although sometimes these boxes are included. I've not been able to ascertain why, but there appears to be some rule governing it as 10+ exports of the same document all yield the same results. EDIT: it does not seem to matter whether the text boxes are anchored to the main text or not.

3. Columned layouts do not appear to be supported.

4. As of now, export results are ePUB 2.0. I've been trying to get it to export ePUB 3.0 by changing the ePubStyles but am running into some walls. To wit:

a. I can add a toc.xhtml file to the custom OEBPS folder, and it will be included. I have not found a way to get ePC to respect or recognize the placeholders that I've set up to include in it. Would be great if this could be manipulated by the user.

b. I can add a toc.ncx to the custom OEBPS folder and it will be included but immediately overridden by the standard toc.ncx. There will be two entries for a toc.ncx in the manifest. This is unfortunate bc the standard toc.ncx contains a doctype expression that does not validate in ePub 3.0.

c. Some small validation errors result from the forced deletion of the DTD doctype in xhtml5, such as nbsp and shy errors, which can of course be easily corrected by using their #160 and #173 codes. This is fine tuning and can be done by hand easily, so it's not a big thing.

I'd be happy to provide screen shots for these issues if they help illustrate the problems.
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Kris Coppieters
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Re: Beta testing :)
Reply #1 - 04/04/13 at 21:12:30
Hi Merijn,

Thanks for the feedback! For some reason, my notification e-mail got lost, so I only just now saw your post....


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