macOS Catalina

APID ToolAssistant

APID ToolAssistant is a component of TextExporter 3.x and a number of other plug-ins.

If you upgraded to macOS Catalina, you might find that APID ToolAssistant won’t run.

To remedy that, we now have version 1.0.66 for InDesign CC 2019 and InDesign 2020 available on the download page for APID ToolAssistant (link below).

Download an up-to-date APID ToolAssistant from our web site and use version 1.0.66 on macOS Catalina.


Soxy is now end-of-life.

Soxy is currently only available as a 32-bit application; it won’t run on macOS Catalina.

We have no plans to update Soxy for InDesign CC 2020 or to support Catalina.

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