Access URLs from ExtendScript with Creative Cloud and InDesign Server

We just released JSXGetURL and JSXGetURL for InDesign Server.

JSXGetURL enhances ExtendScript to make it easy to access servers using httphttps, sftp… – e.g. to download assets from a remote server.

JSXGetURL is meant to work with any Adobe Creative Cloud application that have ExtendScript support – InDesign, InDesign Server, InCopy, Illustrator, Photoshop…

JSXGetURL allows you to access URLs (including https: or ftp:) straight from ExtendScript.

There is nothing to install – all you need to do is //@include a .jsx file which then loads the DLL.

More info here:
JSXGetURL for InDesign Server

Side note: Long time ago, we released APID ToolAssistant – a developer’s tool which allowed developers to monetize and protect their scripts. We now have a new kid on the block: Tightener. Tightener is a developer’s toolkit which includes activation and licensing infrastructure (and a whole lot more).

Tightener is currently still an alpha version, but we’re testing it out on our JSXGetURL product, with more products to be converted from APID ToolAssistant to Tightener in 2024.

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