Licensing And Activation


Our licensing approach is different. Please take a few minutes to read the information below.

The Short Version:

When installing an updated version of one of our tools, you will need to use your activation code to re-activate the updated version. Do not attempt to import any activation files or license files you might have. Instead, click ‘Activate…’ and enter your activation code. You can use your activation code as often as needed, but you cannot activate more than a few systems in quick succession. A time delay is enforced after multiple consecutive activations on different systems.

One Time Activation Codes are an exception: they are low-cost codes that only allow for one single activation request. Once you’ve activated a system you cannot use that same code ever again. You cannot re-use or transport such activation.

  • Activation codes are precursors to activations.
  • An activation code entitles you to request as many activations as you need (except for when it is a One Time Activation Code).
  • To activate our software, you need to enter your activation code and in return an activation will be sent to your computer.
  • Activations are normally handled online: within a few minutes the software should become activated.
  • Our system will also email you an activation file. You will nearly certainly not need this activation file. These files are only for people that are behind restrictive firewalls, when online activation fails.
  • You cannot transport or undo an activation. Once issued, it is forever tied to that particular computer setup.
  • If you upgrade InDesign or change computers, and you want to re-activate a plug-in, you need to request a new activation using your activation code.
  • Activations and Activation Files are uniquely tied to one single computer configuration. Activation files cannot be re-used for a different configuration.
  • One Time Activation Codes are an exception: they are low-cost codes that only allow for one activation request.
    Don’t purchase a One Time Activation Code if you expect to update your computer or up- or downgrade InDesign.
    To freely switch between different InDesign CC 20xx versions you cannot use a One Time Activation Code.

The Detailed Version:

If the software is not activated on a particular configuration, it will work for a limited amount of time, after which it stops functioning.

Activations cannot be transported, revoked or disabled. Once a configuration is activated, it is activated forever. There is no ‘deactivate’ function.

You cannot re-use an activation file to activate more than one configuration. Each configuration needs to be activated independently.

Activation Codes and Activations

It is important to understand the difference between an activation code and an activation. 

An activation code is what you purchase from us. An activation is what you use that code for.

An activation code allows you to activate a computer configuration. Most of the time, a single activation code will allow multiple activations.

There is more info on the different kinds of activation codes further down.


To use our software, your computer configuration needs to be activated.


For applications like Soxy or StoryTweaker, a computer configuration is a physical computer.

Plug-Ins and Extensions

For InDesign plug-ins or extensions like TextExporter or Tada QR!, a computer configuration is the combination of the physical computer and the copy of InDesign.

A single computer with two versions of InDesign installed counts as two configurations.


Example 1: you have a laptop and a desktop computer, and you want to install Soxy on both. You’ll need to activate twice.

Example 2: you have a single computer with both InDesign CS5 and InDesign CS6 installed. You want to activate TextExporter in both copies of InDesign. You’ll need to activate twice.

Example 3: you have a Mac with BootCamp or a separate virtual machine with Windows. You run two copies of Windows, or you run both Mac OS X and Windows. You need separate activations for each.

Example 4: you have some virtual machines and you want to use Soxy in each of them. Each virtual machine needs a separate activation.

APID ToolAssistant

For most of our plug-ins it needs to be installed, but it does not need to be activated.

APID ToolAssistant is a specialist software product in its own right. It is meant to be used by software developers. It has a demo-timeout in order to allow software developers to try it out. That demo-functionality is of no relevance to regular users. Even after the APID ToolAssistant demo time lapses, our other plug-ins won’t stop functioning. All that gets disabled is the special software developer functionality.

Don’t activate APID ToolAssistant unless you know what you’re doing.

If you want to activate a plug-in like TextExporter, please pay attention to the information shown on your screen as you go through the purchase process.

If it says “APID ToolAssistant” you’re activating the wrong thing. The most probable cause is forgetting to select TextExporter in the APID ToolAssistant dialog.

Activation Files

In normal circumstances, you can activate our tools over the internet.

For plug-ins, make sure you have APID ToolAssistant 1.0.54 or higher installed. Older versions lack the ‘over the internet’ activation function.

As a fall-back we also e-mail out ‘activation files’. These files are merely an alternate way of providing you with an activation. You will only need the activation file in rare circumstances.

You can safely delete activation files if you want. We keep backup copies for you. You can always log in and re-download them from our commerce server at

Activation files are uniquely tied to one particular computer configuration.

We recommend that you enter a sensible description in the ‘Configuration Description’ field during the activation process. That will help you to tell the activation files apart.

Activation Codes

Personal Activation Code

The most common activation code is called the Personal Activation Code.

With a Personal Activation Code, you can use the same code multiple times and activate all configurations that you use. It should not be shared between multiple users.

Each configuration will get its own unique activation (and activation file).

Don’t try to re-use the activation files to activate a second configuration. That does not work.

Personal Activation Code will initially allow 3 consecutive activations.

The total allowed number of activations is not limited, but we want to avoid abuse of the Personal Activation Code.

If you need to activate more than 3 times within a short timespan, you need to let us know at [email protected].

Send us an e-mail with your activation code. Let us know how many activations you need, and we’ll increase the allowance on your activation code as needed.

One Time Activation Code

You can also purchase a One Time Activation Code.

These codes are markedly cheaper than Personal Activation Codes.

The main drawback is that they only allow a single activation. You can activate just one configuration, one time only.

Once issued, these activations cannot be transported or revoked, for whatever reason.

If your computer breaks down and needs to be replaced, your One Time Activation Code won’t transport to the new computer.

If you upgrade InDesign, a One Time Activation Code for a plug-in or extension won’t work with the new version of InDesign.

You should only purchase a One Time Activation Code if you need to use one of our tools for a limited time. You must understand that if you change computers (for whatever reason), you cannot retain the activation.

Workgroup Activation Code

For small workgroups up to 10 people we have the Workgroup Activation Code.

If your workgroup is larger, you will need to purchase multiple Workgroup Activation Codes and/or some Personal Activation Codes.

Workgroup Activation Code will initially allow 30 consecutive activations.

The total allowed number of activations is not limited, but we want to avoid abuse of the Workgroup Activation Code.

If you need to activate more than 30 times within a short timespan, you need to let us know at [email protected].

Send us an e-mail with your activation code. Let us know how many activations you need, and we’ll increase the allowance on your activation code as needed.

Special Cases

This is for Soxy only.

For large accounts (> 100 seats) using Soxy we have an alternate licensing system, with customized site-licenses which allow for easy deployment to a large number of workstations – e-mail [email protected] for more info.