TextExporter, StylePainter updated

This week, we’ve updated TextExporter once more – the new frame-by-frame export feature in the previous versions was not as intelligent as it should be and we think we’ve now found a better approach to export the frames in a logical ‘reading order’ – try our new TextExporter 2.1.2. We also fixed a problem with the ‘Convert Text To Black’ option on some files.

Keep in mind: TextExporter is free, but you get some cool additional features by purchasing a license for APID ToolAssistant, which is only US$25 per installed copy of InDesign.

We’re pretty sure that TextExporter will save you much more than US$25 in time and effort – so if you can spare US$25, don’t hesitate, and purchase an APID ToolAssistant license, and help us fund further development. And, last but not least, a license gives you access to a number of cool additional features in our free TextExporter, ImageLibraryLoader, and LayerLifter plug-ins.

The StylePainter freebie plug-in also got a long overdue bug fix. In a way, StylePainter is like bringing InDesign CS4’s GREP styles to InDesign CS, CS2, CS3, but it is also markedly different – even with the GREP styles in CS4, it still remains useful in a number of workflows. Check it out!

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