Automation For Creative Workflows: More Affordable Than You Think

Rorohiko offers custom software development services for creative workflows. We automate for all kinds of environments: Creative Cloud apps, web services, standalone desktop apps… To help you gauge whether you could benefit from our services and to explain how we approach custom development, we’ve built a small sample project called SwatchWatch. If you’re an InDesign user, you can download and use SwatchWatch for free. SwatchWatch is a script for InDesign CS5 and above. It adds a grid of swatch samples at the end of a document. Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.44.33 AM After making changes to the swatches, you can simply re-run the script to update the grid at the end. The look-and-feel of the grid is highly configurable through the use of styles. Have a look and a read, and find out if custom automation can help you slash the time it takes! It’s common for us to achieve 100-fold increases in workflow efficiency.

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