Improvements to FrameReporter and APID ToolAssistant

We’ve just released a new version of APID ToolAssistant – 1.0.48; click here for more info and the download links.

By itself, APID ToolAssistant does not ‘do’ anything apparent. Instead it assists other plug-ins to do their job.

You have this plug-in installed when you use most of the InDesign tools you can find on this web site.

As a result, this new 1.0.48 upgrade is a recommended download for all users of any of our tools (like TextExporter, TextStitch, MagnetoGuidesFrameReporter, Color2Gray…). Simply replace the older APID ToolAssistant plug-in in your plug-ins folder with the latest one.

This new version has a direct impact on FrameReporter: it fixes an issue with the frame labels shown by FrameReporter when a frame has a drop shadow applied. If you’re using FrameReporter, please upgrade your APID ToolAssistant!

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