Soxy 1.5.7 Beta Now Available!

Soxy 1.5.7 Beta has been released for Mac OS X and Windows.

There’s a stumbling block when there are multiple versions of applications like Adobe® InDesign®, QuarkXPress®, Adobe Illustrator®… installed on the same computer.

Double-clicking a file’s icon will often cause the wrong application version to launch. As a result, you might unwittingly re-save a document into a more recent file format, which could be a bad thing. Maybe it’s a customer file, and the customer might not be able to open the updated file when you e-mail it back to her.

This version has the following changes:

Version 1.5.7:

  • Added support for Adobe InDesign CS5.5 files.
  • Added support for Adobe InCopy CS5.5 files.
  • Added support for Adobe Illustrator CS5.1 files.
  • Added support for Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 files.
  • Fixed issue where Soxy would query for available updates on each document launch. Soxy now queries the update server at most once a day.

For more info and to download a 20-day fully functional demo click here:


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