TextExporter4 Beta Version. Export Text From InDesign.

What is it?

TextExporter 4  will export the text of an InDesign document into a single file.

Supported output file formats:

  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • InDesign Tagged Text
  • Text

A beta version of TextExporter 4 is now available.

Where can you get it?

TextExporter 4 supports Mac & Windows versions of InDesign CC 2014 and up.

Download it from here:


How to install?

It comes with a simple double-clickable installer/uninstaller.

Download and decompress the .zip file. Then follow the instructions in the file


You can try it out as a fully functional free demo for 20 days. After that, TextExporter will disable itself. You’ll need uninstall it, or purchase an activation code for continued use.


If you have any feedback about this beta, please email [email protected]


Current TextExporter 3.x users with a Personal Activation Code are entitled to a free upgrade. The activation code will activate TextExporter 4.

Users who are using a low-cost One Time Activation Code will need to purchase a new activation code.

More info about activation codes:



TextExporter 4 is an extensive rewrite of TextExporter.

Instead of using a InDesign Plug-In architecture, it is now rewritten as an Extension. This makes it easier to install.

TextExporter 4 is compatible with InDesign CC 2014 and above. If you are using InDesign CC, CS6 or earlier, you will need to use TextExporter 3.3.4.

You can download TextExporter 3.3.4 from:



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