Rorohiko’s Plug-Ins Support InDesign CC 2018

CC 2018 support

As of this morning, all of our plug-ins work with InDesign CC 2018.

To allow that, a new version of APID ToolAssistant has been made available.

Use the ‘Products List’ menu on this web page, and visit the download page for the product (TextExporter, TextStitch…)

Select the Mac or Windows CC 2018 version of APID ToolAssistant from the popup menu.


Activating is only needed for non-free plug-ins (e.g. it does not apply to TextStitch).

If you have a Personal Activation Code, you will need to find it and use it to activate the plugin in InDesign CC 2018. Do not try to use the old activation file. You must use your code; a new activation file will be sent after you use the code.

If you only have a low-cost One Time Activation Code, you will need to purchase a new activation code in order to activate in InDesign CC 2018.

Note: any codes purchased before the end of 2014 are One Time Activation Codes.

Before making any purchases, make sure to read


There is also a brand-new, easier to install new version of TextExporter, which does not rely on APID ToolAssistant.

The new version is a free upgrade for all users with a Personal Activation Code.

TextExporter 4.x supports InDesign CC 2014 up to CC 2018.

Older versions of InDesign need to use TextExporter 3.3.4.

If you want, you can use the older TextExporter 3.3.x with InDesign CC 2018.

To accomplish that, you need to visit the TextExporter 3.3.4 download page, then click ‘Manual Install’ – do not attempt to use the ‘Installer’ for TextExporter 3.3.4 with CC 2018.

Follow the manual install instructions to install TextExporter 3.x in InDesign CC 2018.

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