Rorohiko Plug-Ins Updated For CS6.

We have a brand new CS6 version of APIDToolAssistant, a core component of many of our tools. As a result, a range of our tools is now available for CS6:

TextExporter (
FrameReporter (
MagnetoGuides (
StoryParker (
TextStitch (
BarredText (
FramedWeb (
LikeFindsLike (
ImageLibraryLoader (
LayerLifter (
PlaceAndScale (
HistoryLog (

Still to be updated for CS6 – these will take a few more weeks:
Color2Gray (
SudokuGenerator (

Please make sure to read about our approach to licensing; our products are very low cost despite the small market we operate in, but that means that if you upgrade to CS6, you will need to purchase new activations. Of course, freebies like TextStitch, LikeFindsLike, ImageHorn, ImageLibraryLoader, PlaceAndScale, TransformMaster remain free. More info here:

Also, a reminder: you do not need to purchase an activation for APID ToolAssistant with any of the products listed here. All of the tools listed above work fine even if you let the APID ToolAssistant demo period lapse. All you need for continued use is to purchase an activation for the tool itself (e.g. TextExporter), and APID ToolAssistant can remain unlicensed – it’ll work fine (but it’d be great if you decided to support us by purchasing an activation nevertheless).

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